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The worry for the nature, the respectful practices with the environment make way for themselves every time with more force. The consumer proves to be more demanding and asks the companies for a few clean products and a few ethical criteria of big openwork. The sector of the fashion with his powerful industry is looked every time with more attention. Is it at a height of the circumstances before the dramatic situations that take place and before the impact that the clothes, the complements and the materials that it uses have on the environment?
Teresa Helbig gives the jump to the capital for a few days – without leaving his workshop of Barcelona, city that elevated it - to parade in Cibeles. The footbridge of Madrid will be a witness of his good taste, finished perfect and an exquisite laboriousness. Woody Allen realized already it when there rolled Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona; and it dressed his actresses in the designs created by Helbig. Nearby and the nicest he speaks to us about this new opportunity.
Eighty dedicated years to embellish the woman are evident. Decisively, it is another history inside the current panorama of Spanish designers; it leaves of the norm because it has never been in her. It remains neither in the tendencies, nor the color, nor in the politically correct forms: he is Elio Berhanyer, the last mohicano. Partner and successor of the big ones of the seam, has been able to adapt himself to the times that they cover.
It is clear that the crisis fond of the pockets but not of the creativity. The High fashion of Paris has demonstrated the category of 20 designers who support this facet of magic and of daydream that also needs the fashion. Those who doubt still if the fashion can be considered to be an art there have the answer. The exquisite handmade perfection of the seam looks for the support of the tradition and the futurism to support the splendor of the most prestigious footbridge of the world.
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