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More than the movies, what I have continued for the means there have been the different looks shown by the actresses in the premieres and holidays attached to the Festival of Cannes. There say the understood ones that more than the footbridges, what influences the fashion are the social events and what there dress those who come to them, and I agree. In general, it has seemed to me that they have taken dressed wooden bowls, pompously and sometimes slightly favoring. Sometimes, simply there was spoiling the garment the excess of makeup, the hairdos or the jewels, very spectacular, but with few class. In particular, there seemed frightful to me the garments chosen by the actresses Michelle Yeoh and by Peaches Geldog. There will be luxurious waste, but nothing to see with the glamor.
Silvia Moreira, Vigo
I have read in the number of May of asmoda a letter of Mª José Santana referring to a front of a magazine in which there were appearing Eugenia Silva and Snow Álvarez in a coarse photo and that it had not anything in common with the fashion, but I have liked what he says on the model profession. I before marrying, was living in Barcelona and although of a sporadic form I was employed at some collections passes in punctual events like Fairs and fashionable Lounges. I believe that it is very guessed right to admit that this profession has a few values if one can practise as it stems and does not put itself as it excuses to adopt sexist attitudes and up to pornographic. I believe that the professional ethics are indispensable so that a work is valued.
Rosa Serrat, Tarragona
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