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I have liked very much the advices given by Maria Candela in the section “Your look” on the jackets, in fact it has given me ideas to dress myself without need to buy to me nothing in the typical communion that I will have at the end of May. I am going to combine a black jacket carved with a garment of suspenders in tones mallow that I have of last year. This section I always read it, as everything what goes out in Asmoda Joven, because it gives practical ideas. I recommend it to all.
Susi St Martin, Toledo
I have worked for some years in the field of the fashion. For my position in a company of “pret to porter” I have been present at fashionable fairs and have had contact with models. I have always thought that it was a very nice profession and in fact I have met some models who look like to me marvelous persons. That's why I have been infuriated by a polemic that has come untied lately as regards a front in which there were appearing Eugenia Silva and Snow naked Alvarez and in a vulgar time exposure and up to coarse. He was considering them at two o'clock with professional category and that's why I am sorry deeply that have fallen down in a pitfall and in such a denigrating situation. The fact that the front has provoked polemic and discomfort demonstrates a positive thing: that there are the sensitive and sensible people who can detect when the things go on “from dark chestnut-tree” as is said commonly. The reaction of the affected two also I have surprised. Eugenia has become furious and I wonder: is it that he did not realize that they were doing a photo to him under these circumstances? It is an absurd reaction that denotes an entire absence of ripeness and realism. That thing about Snow still it seems more ingenuous and shocking to me: he thinks that it is in accordance with the front because, according to her “we are models and it is a work”. Do not Snow, the model trabaio demand esthetics, a personality, a style, a category and it would be to devalue this profession to think that it demands to put itself with the “bottom to the air” in view of the whole world. The front in question seems to me of a crushing vulgarity. To present the topic like a “professional demand” is unjust with the profession of model that it is necessary to exercise with the intelligence and category that it deserves.
José Santana, Madrid
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