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Not if many people will agree with me but sometimes the fashion has a few tremendous contradictions. When the health is valued so much it shows us in the footbridges a few manikins skeletal and with a sickly air accentuated by a few dark makeups. I understand that it is necessary to demand from the models a few certain measurements but without going to extremes. Also a thinness is not alone (that sometimes exceeds all the measurements) what seems absurd to me but also the serious air and the way of parading enough deslabazada with a few highest heels that prevent them from walking with naturalness. I believe that all would like seeing more a few vitalist and smiling models and with an encouraging appearance. Even perhaps it would cheer the people up to them more to continue the fashion and to buy: does not it seem to you?
Teresa Corberó, Barcelona
I am an assiduous reader of from his beginning, that's why I decided to buy the book arisen from “Fashion and values”. I can assure to you that I read it to myself of a pull and that has given me a new vision of what the fashion is and can reach in addition to having a very interesting knowledge of the principal Spanish couturiers. I have given it to a niece of mine who studies design and has said to me that he has loved and that it sees it much adapted to know on designers and you discipline about the fashion. Thanks for this opportunity and my congratulation are given to all the writers of that you have made this so interesting and lively book possible.
Mari Carmen de las Heras, Madrid
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