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Wanted friends, friends, all that you work in asmoda: It had never received your digital magazine up to today. I like. I have a little time to be in wave of what takes and of “towards what it has a tendency” and asmoda it will allow me a rapid and informative digital glimpse. I will continue the new blog of cazatendencias. I return you with identical desires your cordial congratulation with votes for one 2010 of …! ten! Hugs
Pilar Urbano, Madrid
I love seeing the collections in the fashionable magazines and, of course, in asmoda, which I am signed. There I find out about everything: lines, tendencies, colors … But I have a complaint, which I do from here "aloud", and the fact is that if of what the designers do I like something, then I do not find it in the shops; and if I find it, the price is prohibitive. Why the fashion, is that one that goes out in the magazines, so expensive? That a blouse costs me 200 euros or a vestidito 500 gives me a conscience charge “that - pá-qué”, as he would say I her Skate. I believe that, as in the traditional real estate topic, in the fashion there is an impressive bubble. Although I imagine that it is a question of a simple game of prestige and cache memory, the design and the good fashion are only within reach of few ones. A sorrow.
Geno García, Alcorcón (Madrid)
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