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I congratulate you on the magazine. I have loved the new design and also the new section for the young people. Nevertheless there is a thing that I throw in absence: that you publish something fashionably for men. Every day they are more the designers who present masculine models and I think that it is a facet of the fashion that also it is necessary to cultivate. Thanks for your so positive way of focusing the fashion. I will keep on following with big interest all the numbers of asmoda.
Maria Rodán
I received myself from industrial designer in the field of textile and fashionable in the Center of Industrial design. Perhaps my profession was interrupted from girl, since I had influence of my mother, who always liked recycling clothes, between other things like form of saving to dress myself me and my ten brothers. I believe that from her I inherited this artistic vein. At present I am the manager of the product development of a factory of feminine and masculine dressmaking. Most of the production are to export Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. The world of the fashion is interesting but difficult. Some designers try to realize showy models thinking about how to receive the attention, appealing to the easy resource of the impudent thing. Something that I realize very well is that the fashion is to dress and not to undress, and this is like one “leit motiv” for me. I work with a group of very professional seamstresses who live in different quarters of Montevideo. I encourage them and stimulate that realize his work of a best possible way and facing God trying to heighten the dignity of the woman. I believe that this is a good success formula because there are great the women who are grateful and feel good with the style that we try to capture.
Sofia Carluccio, Uruguay
I have liked very much the content of the departments, I have liked very much the clarity of the page, nothing crammed, very clear and intuitive, I have liked very much the nice of the colors of the web, this coloring full of happiness, the so young people have liked seeing me very much working for an idea "to dress the woman, not to undress it", I have liked seeing a person with experience directing the magazine. Anyway!!!, that I am pleased of being able to be provided with this digital magazine at the time of finding out about the fashion, his tendencies and about his "hits". I will follow you closely: congratulations! PD: I am immensely grateful to you, since I have discovered a painter, her name is Mercedes Flores, in your web, in one of the linkage, which has hallucinated me with his pictures with an explosion of coloring and of flowers that is the past one. It is a marvel.
Cristina Moríñigo
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