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Transparences and elegance
The transparences are appellants in the fashionable designs. Normally, we usually see some transparent pledge in the footbridges, although in the street they take much less. The gasas and thin silks with some spangles application suit very much for the night, although the real elegance demands that the transparent pledge should combine with an underwear to game below. If not, it turns into something coarse, so much how to be teaching the underwear. My reflection is directed also to the rupture that sometimes is seen between the fashion of footbridge and the street. If we like following the proposals of the designers, we must take only what us feels good and that is equal of our character or of thinking. The secret consists in choosing what him goes to one and in without turning into a fashion victim, although the difficulties or the low sizes keep on seeing in the streets, and into the magazines the exaggerated transparences, which they undress more than another thing and are a detestable way of devaluating the fashion. Now we see that a more glamorous style imposes on itself, with free blouses of knot and pants of very high size, pledges that last year we had in a corner of the closet. Personally they me do not go to me too much, but I consider it to be more imitable for the daily life.
Mercedes Casp Andreu. Barcelona
What is the beauty?
Not only the beauty is what you argue in his released numbers month a month, but slightly more. Sometimes the essential of a woman his appearance is not only; therefore I would like to ask them in his next number to add what I believe that also it is considered to be a beauty. I would like sharing with all a few ideas that clearly define the above mentioned concept: 1. To obtain a few attractive lips I gave tenderness words 2. To obtain a few beautiful eyes, he looks for what exists of good in the people. 3. To obtain a slender silhouette he shares your meal with those who spend famine. 4. To have nice hair it leaves that a child spends his fingers for your hair once a day. 5. To have a good time exposure, it walks knowing that you never walk alone. 6. The people, much more than the things, must be restored, re-lived, claimed and redeemed; never reject anybody. 7. He remembers, whenever you need a hand that helps you you will find it in the end of your arm. 8. When you are aging you will discover that you have two hands, one to help yourself and other one to help the others. 9. The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes that goes, the figure that it has or in how it combs. The beauty of a woman must be looked in his eyes, which are the door of access to his heart, the place where the love resides 10. The beauty of a woman is not in the features of his face, his real beauty is reflected in his soul. It is in the care that meets on love, in the passion that proves to be 11. The beauty of a woman increases with the step of the years. Finally, to show my congratulations for his magazine. A cordial greeting.
Maria Suárez Pérez, Madrid
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