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I order you this mail to congratulate you to the whole organization on the results of the Congress of Fashion and to be grateful to you for all your effort and work so that we could enjoy of these three so spectacular days in the Museum of the Suit. On Friday I had to leave before finishing the last meeting and could not be grateful to you and congratulate you in person. I think that it has been a marvelous opportunity to learn very much and think to transmit what I have heard in the Congress our Fuenllana pupils. I hope that now you should have opportunity to rest, although I imagine that a lot of work still stays of "later". Please, be provided with us for what you should need.
Marta Hernández Blanco, Teacher School Designing and Fashion Center Educational Fuenllana
I am an asmoda subscriber and I continue with interest all the informations of the magazine. I like that one does not limit himself to giving us collections images but I included also other cultural facets related to the fashion. When you sent to us the information and the program on the “International Congress of Fashion” I did not hesitate to register although I had to do enough steps to obtain three days of permission in my work. I am not a professional of the fashion but I love all the cultural events and I think that the fashion is one of them apart from the fact that also I like dressing well and being informed about the last tendencies. The Congress has seemed fantastic to me. I have not got lost only one meeting. From asmoda I want to congratulate the organizers and to say to you that we hope that other congresses should happen with the same category and depth.
Teresa Cifuentes García, Madrid
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