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It is quite frequent that in some advertizing campaigns regarding the fashion there appear photos that try to look for the success by means of sexist and provocative images. Recently an announcement of Calvin Klein has been a motive of a censoring, although who do it know very well the laws of the publicity and look with this that one speaks about them, especially when his models are already not in the summit. What looks like to me an absurdity is that those newspapers or magazines that criticize them for this attitude, we are demonstrated by the "villains" and instigators who are these announcements, publish also the photo, with which they put themselves to the same height as the criticized ones. Would not it be more logical that they were avoiding to publish they a photo that looks like to them, and with good reason, a denigrator?
Marivi Contreras, Madrid
Red or green carpet. Openings of shops or delivery of awards. Soirées, big parties, dinners or soireés. What more gives! The case is that I read everywhere this type of events, removed from what is the fashion in itself – although we have just spent the fashion weeks and his circumstances - to know that they take more "in" of this year. The celebrities like Paris Hilton, Jennifer López or Victoria Beckham, for there quote the acquaintances and good tons of people that I had not heard naming in my life, but that evidently are also famous persons, they fill the pages of the fashionable magazines and the blogs with his slovenly looks. They are not, for much that want, not Audrey Hepburn not Grace Kelly of the actuality. But the fact is that our epoch does not give for any more, only to go out in the photo and to turn to the world round Internet route. Of all this constellation, scarcely a few names relied on with the fingers of a hand, have real class, but they are not precisely those who dictate the fashion, only they carry it. How might we return to the good taste?
Maria Emilia Cárdenas, Gijon
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