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I have not been lucky to be able to see in alive the collections of the footbridge Cibeles but I have seen several photos and informations in the newspaper and across Internet. Some collections seemed magnificent to me but I believe that it is necessary to do a more demanding selection in some cases. What was meaning a pass with the models with muzzle and that the barking "stamped" on the suits was the only creative note? Also I was displeased by some models of the EGO in which a young designer, perhaps for doing original to him for lack of other qualities, was resorting to the vulgarity and to sexual allusions of bad taste. Precisely alluding to these models a journalist was wondering very correctly in a newspaper of big diffusion: where does the fashion stay?
Maria Fuentes, Madrid
I usually read the news related to the fashion and what happens in the Weeks of the Fashion that is celebrated in the whole world and although I love, I think that one day it is necessary to put the things in his place. I refer to the role of the models in the footbridges. That the Brazilian Gisele Bündchen has received almost 570.000 dollars for only one pass in “Fashion Rio” it seems to me to extract the pivot hole things, and that she agglutinates so much attention it is delirious. Is not it a sorrow that almost the parades were spending unnoticed and that the photographers were besieging to the top, which was in another place? I see normal that the design marks hire good models who know his office and who extract the whole party to the clothes that it is necessary to promote, but it is not necessary to forget that the important thing the fashion is, not the hanger. If the world mediático gets into debt in elevating a model and in turning it into star, I think that the mark goes out harmed on having stayed in a background. Does anybody remember the signature that hired the Bündchen? All this there had noticed big Valentino who hid the face of the models in his photographic campaign spring - summer 2008
Estrella Moraleda, Seville
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