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False castings
I have read news that has left frost to me. It turns out that the Victims' Association of Violated Women has been alert on the increase in the last year of cases of violations related to false castings of models summoned by Internet. The aggressors usually ask for a photo petitioner, who must send a supposed agency of models, which does not exist, and summon it for an interview to do a photographic book. It turned out that the "persons in charge" of the supposed agency were sexual aggressors, who were giving the victim a drug to commit his misconducts. They have been already stopped by the Police. The desire of easy money and the dazzle of the glamorous world of the publicity and of the fashion does that ingenuous girls do not distrust the claims. This Association has advised that a precaution minimum is to go to these calls accompanied by a relative or a friend, but often they come to the minor small appointments without permission of his parents, with which, the hook of these unscrupulous supplies effect. Before coming to a casting, it is necessary to report very well of what type of agency it talks each other and where it is the appointment. If not, it is possible to be sorry about the whole life.
Sandra Castillo, Madrid
Echoes of CIM 2008
I am signed to Asmoda from the first numbers. It looks like to me a very practical magazine with marvelous informations about the actuality of the fashion and the tendencies. One of the things that more I like is that you always advise well, that is to say, sew so that we think with head. In the last number, for example, I like quite what it salts in Asmoda Joven, that I always read it. But I also wanted to congratulate you on the work that you have developed in CIM 2008. I could not have been because I am employed at other things that have not anything in common with the fashion, but I have continued everything in the magazine. I have loved the photos. It has had to of there was a brilliant ambience. I hope for next I register. Be still like that.
Isa Rodríguez Guerrero, Valladolid
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