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I have turned in assiduous of your blog, which Maria León takes. I get connected occasionally to see if he has written slightly new, but I have tried several times to leave comments and have not obtained it, believe that I have not been able to do it, but I will keep on trying it. On what he wanted to comment to you immediately after the last post is that I read and hear many praises on the movie “The devil dresses of Prada”. I have seen it and the truth is that I liked very much, it entertained me and I loved the end: this is what I had done. But I have to say that the role that Meryl Streep has to redeem – instructively certainly - which is the most nice, and which they say admirativamente that he traces the North American director of Vogue, it leaves enough that to wish. It is egoistic, inhuman, interested, a tyrant and it tramples to the others without any consideration. I believe that they have done a weak service to this lady, for a lot of professional successes that it has had. It is not any medal.
Alice Sargazos, Valladolid
I read in several fashionable magazines, and in yours, that the style hippie imposes this summer on himself: loose blouses, fringe, tunics with floral patterns, the most wide pants, very low belts, vests... I have liked enough what I have seen published with these pledges so nice and full of color and with the perfect complements. What less I like there are these torturantes platforms. The style love and peace own of John Lennon it is not badly, but I believe that it is for a type of the very, very concrete people. In any case, some pledge can be usable if we can combine it well.
Sylvia Rodríguez, Seville
There has seemed to me acertadísimo the article of Josefina Figueras “The efficacy of the feelings” in your number of March. It is a very good idea that, from time to time, you include this type of topics and similar others. In my case, for example, I have a 24-year-old daughter, journalist, and who is employed at the Digital Television, comes to him very well to read this type of articles, to have a wider vision. Thank you very much
Aida Sanibaldi, Madrid
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