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The "burkini" is a swim suit for Moslem women that only leaves to the overdraft the feet, the hands and the face. This curious pledge has caused polemic in several western countries, and has prohibited to bathe with her in the public swimming pools for considering her to be unhygienic. At present, the society defends the ideals of freedom, equality and respect between all the citizens, but in these cases: where are they? If you settle in a country you would ask them to respect your culture and customs, but at the same time you must respect also the culture of the country in which you settle. If your customs go against the norms: what decision do you take? Do you change your customs to respect these norms? Do you try to change the laws of this country? The institutions should think about the persons who feel discriminated and try to facilitate facilities where they could express his norms with freedom, that will facilitate a calmer coexistence between cultures.
Silvia Díaz Meco, Madrid
A few days ago, Pandora's box has been opened again in the world of the fashion: the exaggerated use of the Photoshop. This time has been the couturier Tommy Hilfiger with a few released photos in which a model was appearing with a sickly thinness. His partner, the German designer of the prestigious house Channel, Karl Lagerfeld, was justifying him saying, between other things, that the women are not of interest with kilos of any more, since they do not sell. It attracts attention of me that, nevertheless, yes a woman bandages with an extreme thinness, with a look without life and a body unable to support itself himself.
Maria Campillos García, Madrid
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