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I am not a professional of the fashion, but if a keen enthusiast. First to say to them that I like the magazine ASMODA because I find in her many cultural references and it treats the fashion in a very wide sense with exhibitions, jewels, etc I have cheered up to write to them to comment to them on a topic that has me obsessed: the parades of the footbridges, which transmit some magazines to us and especially the television. It makes amazed to me the quantity of taxable suits and the most proper exhibitionism of a spectacle of striptease than of a fashionable demonstration. So that they serve the footbridges then if it is not to teach us the reality of a style, of a few new tendencies? I they would like saying to the designers and to the professionals of the mass media that the models select that those who wish coarse spectacles and exhibitionists can already find them in other places but that they should not spoil the real fashionable information and should not show us things that amaze us and disorient instead of helping us.
Nora Rico Morales
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