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When you organized the First International Congress of Fashion a few months ago I was sorry not to be able to help because although I am a Spaniard of living birth in Mexico for twelve years and the trip supposed too much for my economy. It has given me a big happiness to see in the section Papers, which you publish with the magazine and which I continue much especially, the conferences pronounced in the Congress by Gilles Lipovetsky a sociologist of the fashion whom I admire very much and that of the philosopher Alfredo Cruz Prados who touches the topic of the fashion from a deep and very original orbit. With this letter I me am allowed to advise to the readers of not to stop reading these two conferences since the magazine gives us this opportunity, because they are worth it.
Silvia Ruano Gálvez, Mexico D.F
I have loved the reportage on the swim suits. And I agree completely with that the white person and the black will never spend fashionably, although the choral tone has been the king of this summer not only in textiles but also in beads. To my way of seeing a finished swim suit it is much more elegant for most of the women so although the bikini is used very much it is painful to see in the beaches and in the swimming pools many persons with the michelines, the scars or the michelines overflowing throughout I have liked also very much the young models of Marc Jacobs because, even without the special disadvantages, a finished swim suit stylizes the figure and has many other possibilities of following the guidelines of the fashion.
Gem of Beas, Madrid
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