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Another day I accompanied a cousin of mine to choose his wedding dress. Although the wedding is in autumn I surprised to meet models absolutely despampanantes. Already that there is no station for a fiancée's garment, but what I saw attracted attention of me: almost quite it was in plan Hollywood, as to be shown in a red carpet more than to enter a church. A few necklines word of honor become insolent, the backs to the air, line siren etc. Some of the garments were nice, for a civil wedding they were not badly, but my cousin wanted something more capped and less vulgar, according to the importance of a wedding celebrated in a church. After him very turning the topic was solved with a beautiful garment that there had a lace torera that it was possible to remove then in the holiday. I believe that the wedding fashion should be more classic and elegant and less style Barbie, but now the celebrities are in charge.
Blanca Ayuso Fernández, Madrid
I am the assiduous one to your magazine. I like the treatment that you give to the fashion and also that you inform us about those activities that relate the fashion to the culture. I continue especially the Section Events and Culture and up I cheer you to keep on finding out of the artistic and cultural events that they have to the fashion like protagonist. Also I read with interest the Blog of Maria León, I love his dynamism and his opportunity to be located in topics so related to the daily life and to the traditions of our country. An affectionate greeting for the whole writing of
Maria Fernández Llanos, Valladolid
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