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I am an Asmoda subscriber and I have liked the topic chosen for Opinion about this month. There are things that I have been considering for time but that I have seen perfectly captured of the article: Why are the models not only skeletal but they make them parade in the ugliest footbridges with these corpse makeups? Already in the previous Cibeles edition one took letters in the matter, which seemed perfect to me, controlled the corporal mass of the girls and the look was more "normal". In short, the sample of the collections must not be a stupid thing, a spectacle, facing the gallery to attract attention on the press, but it must become more human and it was bringing over more to the real woman of the street - also to that we are chubby - that then we are going to look for these designs to the shop
Watery Marisol Archer, Madrid
With the year, there begins the whole series of weeks of the fashion in the whole world. I them like to continue in the means, but sometimes it is necessary to put the things in his place. I refer to the role of the models in the footbridges. That the Brazilian Gisele Bundchen has received almost 570.000 dollars for only one pass in the Fashion there seems Rio to me to extract the pivot hole things, and that she agglutinates solita all the attention it is delirious. Is not it a sorrow that the parades were spending unnoticed, and the photographers were besieging the top, which was in another place? I see normal that the design marks hire good models who know his office and extract the whole party to the clothes that they have to promote, but it is not necessary to forget that the important thing the fashion is, not the hanger. If the world mediático gets into debt in elevating a model and in turning it into star, I think that the mark goes out harmed on having stayed in a background. Does anybody remember what signature hired the Bundchen? All this there has noticed big Valentino, who hid the face of the models in his photographic spring - summer 2008 campaign.
Estrella Moraleda, Seville
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