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It is seen that the fashion is an inexhaustible debates source. We have read recently that Cibeles has pushed three models back for excessive thinness and next we enter the topic of the types of woman according to the anthropometric study of the Ministry of Health. It does not surprise me that any designers and confeccionistas they have put the scream in the sky before three types of woman:campana, cylinder and diabolo. I believe that, like all the too complicated things, this will not turn out to be effective. That thing about to unify the sizes seems very necessary to me but: might not it be done so that the general measurements of every size were equal in all the boutiques and fashionable centers? At least it might try with the pledges made in Spain. This would be a much more viable achievement and also very usefully
Cover Pérez-Galván, Valencia
I have the idea – perhaps very personal - of that the fashion, in addition to nice it must be comfortable and healthy. Precisely when one has spoken of fighting the anorexia one has advocated a healthy fashion, but as for shoes it refers neither is comfortable nor is healthy. How is it possible not already to be comfortable, but to walk with an ease minimum with shoes with 15 cm platforms? So if we abide by all the seen informations this has happened in the footbridges of Milan and of Madrid, if only I do not know. Not only it is the risk of the falls and sprains (in a video of Cibeles vi to fall down to a model) but the danger that supposes for the spine being raised in these heels and platforms so exaggerated that they support the foot in a completely forced position. When one speaks so much about how healthy great gait is and these shoes what comes to the thought is to think that for less that they serve these shoes to walk ….S It is possible to protest that they are alone for certain occasions (it will be if a car is always had in the door) or rather that they are alone for the footbridges, but the collections passes must be some imitable and ponible: or is it that one is going to the footbridge to see balances games and to do bets on all the times the models are going to fall down? I believe that in reason of the healthy fashion it is necessary to rectify this so insane tendency and up to torturante.
Crowd Rivas, Madrid
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