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I have read this summer in the press comments and up to surveys if it had to prohibit the use of the bikini for the streets. I believe that it is a question that might be compared to others like: what would seem to him that a beach hut was placed in the staircases of a cathedral or a cage of monkeys on the foot of a monument of a public square? To extract the things of his suitable place is always an anomaly … The questions if the authorities might or not to prohibit the use of the bikini out of his habitual limits it should move to other questions as for example if the authorities must look over the esthetics, the decorum and the harmony of a city. There are no only buildings those that make a city beautiful, agreeable, and habitable; the human element is important part of his set and to allow offenses as the use of the bikini in the streets and public squares is to bear in mind not even the esthetics, neither the harmony nor the decorum to that any citizen we have right. I suggest it like a topic to add to the polemic subject “Education for the citizenship”.
Amalia Ramos, Madrid
There has been imposed a size of heel that it does not stop surprising me for the disproportionate of the heights. I can understand that the heel of boots, sabots, booties, sandals and other improbable footwear the models take with ease – and sometimes not so much - in the footbridges and for the placed ones of the magazines, but sincerely, it is an impossible element for the daily life. Cocó Chanel "liberated" the women of the corset and the difficulties so that they could take one more life according to the social changes of his epoch. Who has imposed on us, of that time, the tie of a heel that does not allow to us to pass? The models are not the woman's prototype: the prototype we it are the current women, that to go to work we have to take the meter every day, cover hundred smooth meters to gather the children in the school and gait to rapid rhythm in the híper. So the last thing that would occur to us is a platform puts itself with taconazo of 15 centimeters. In the shoe shops we find of everything, but more of the times this comfortable footwear and of heel under which it allows us to take the normal life of a woman of meat and bone and not of an icon.
Nuria Hunter, Barcelona
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