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The fashion, in an International Congress!
I have found out that it goes to celebrate an International Congress of Fashion in Madrid next October. I am a Design student and I have loved the idea. In the web of the Congress CIM, which is like linkage in ASMODA, I have read all the details and think to help, since I have verified it interesting that there are the conferences and the round tables. I believe, also, that there is very opportune the organization of a Congress of this type concerning the fashion, since this one is undressing his meaning like expression of the personality, and turning into a masses spectacle. I will like to hear real experts: businessmen, couturiers, sociologists, to speak of what so much we like. Congratulations to two promoters: the Association Fashion, University and Company and the Polytechnical University of Madrid.
Blessed Virgin Olivares López, Madrid
We live in a society polarized in two ideas that have been obsessing us little by little. The first one is the cult to the body with everything what it supposes of sacrifice to obtain the corporal beauty and a juvenile air. It is not a question of taking care of the health, necessary and suitable thing and that we usually do when we begin seeing the ears to him to the wolf. No, this has a peculiar tone that is the desire to be in form, because we believe that the success this one in an attractive and young physicist. The second idea that dominates us is the fear of certain products that our body produces and that are necessary for his good functioning. The most typical example is the cholesterol, behind him they follow him like enemies of the human being, the fat of all kinds and the calories. That fights we support for obtaining the suitable weight! And it is true that it is necessary to take care, but I believe that we are falling down in a pitfall: the one that there stretch to us the big companies of “healthy feeding" (?) and that in the fund for what they look is the business, and they find, skylight. I extinguish the TV when they salt announcements where the fat circulates along our arteries like Pedro for his house while a persuasive voice provides us with the danger that we cover on having eaten in an inadequate way. Everything is true but everything is a lie because behind it is I negotiate. We are coming to the end that the sausage and other similar products is seen by us more harmful than the arsenic and the cyanide. The hotpots, the casseroles, the cabbages are isolating themselves in our tables because we are of them afraid. We live dependent on the number of calories that we consume and looking for the best thing, leave behind the good of the life. I do not want that these words of mine are interpreted as a praise neither to the lack of control or much less but it has always been said that the best thing there is enemy of the good thing and the truly bad thing for the body and the spirit is to resign in a drastic way and to certain food that taken with restraint and without excesses they cannot hurt a healthy person. And especially that do not manipulate us and that do not make us feel as Pantagruel, because one day that we were celebrating that our son or daughter had extracted the oppositions we allow ourselves the madness and the criminal offense of a loin piece takes in fat with an egg and a sausage fried in a sale of the Mounts of Malaga to the sun and shade of our spring of Malaga.
Piety Sánchez de la Fuente, Malaga
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