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The “vestidito black”
It has seemed magisterial to me the reportage dedicated to “petit steals to nongo”, signed by Mª José F. Serra in the previous number. I have a vestidito of these, put aside in a corner. I am going to recover it and him to begin extracting party. Not only it has looked like to me a magnificent historical summary of the evolution of the garment, but, accompanied by the photos, you are following the shape of the comments. They are beautiful the long Schlesser garment, that of Ann Locking and that of the sleeves of gauze of Larraínzar. Also, the article is completed by a series of advices that give enough idea of how and in spite of what using them. Chapeau!, would say Cocó Chanel.
Miriam Sánchez Cortés, Seville
Letizia's elegance
The garments that the assistants showed to the real reception in Palace owing to the Military Easter celebrated in Madrid it has provoked several comments. But I more than me already to recount to so worn and taken topic of the tuxedo of the Minister of Defense would like to refer to the outfit of the Princess of Asturias. It was very elegant with a set of golden jacket and long skirt that had already seemed sometimes previous as the mass media detected. My opinion is that the suits repetition although it is sometimes important and in charge of personages of so high level as she is the princess it is not a little that it should be criticized, but everything opposite, it is a sample of common sense and of austerity much according to the times. What it counts is the elegance and the opportunity of a set and in this I would give him ten.
M ª Teresa Valdivielso, Madrid
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