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I have liked very much the last article about the section Asmoda Joven To Look. I have printed it and we it have read together a group of friends. A debate species took place. And the fact is that in the institute we see that the girls do not worry by no means about what they put themselves, good yes they worry, but of going as slovenly as possible. That thing about 93 % of the visual impact is very well and has made us think that not only it is a question of the clothes but of the image in general that we give. To be neglected as for the fingernails, the hair or the sizes is not to go to the fashion, it is a slovenliness and cutrez... of course, with a thick kilo of makeup. And that is not attractive, showy yes, but rather a roughness sign.
Natalia Hermida González
I am a subscriber of Asmoda and mother of three children. These days I am concentrating especially on the announcements of television of toys for the Christmas and other infantile articles. There me calls greatly the attention the style of the dolls and the tone of advertizing, so aggressive claim. My daughters love, but anger gives me to me because the message is little less that the girls only worry about his hairstyle, the clothes and the last model of mobile. “Make up, put estrellitas in the hair, color your hair, show the most bold complements...” and this way quite. The dolls - models for that they ask the Kings are lavish bellybutton kidlings to the air and empty brain, they are already not the affectionate babies or the elegant dolls of a few years ago. The message of these fetuses of the merchandising is that: "Look alike to your dolls, dare to more, make up, it consumes, it goes well together, and you will give envy to your friends”. A horror.
Pepa Ayuso Olmedo
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