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I do not quote the mark for not giving free publicity, but the case is that I read that a jeans campaign for spring - summer of a well-known foreign designer puts the emphasis on the eroticism and the hedonism like claim. Deep tone images in videos and photos, provocative tone. I do not know if it will obtain his target to sell more jeans, but the case is that with me, for example, it has already achieved the opposite effect: that does not buy anything of this mark and that tries that my example spreads in my family circle and of friends. It bothers me very much – and I understand less and less - that to publicize any thing is appealed to the low instincts, both in this case of the sex, and to the violence or to the zafiedad. I believe that it is antiadvertising. Nevertheless, when you see an elegant, nice, intelligent, well worn out publicity, they give you desire of proving the product. When will the creative ones understand this?
Silvia Fernández Carrillo, Guadalajara
I have read in the news about that creates the national award of Design of Fashion and I wonder: is it that the award is no going to have continuity the golden Needle as the Department had announced? It is a real sorrow that an award of so much not alone prestige in Spain but also in Europe and that it had brought to our country to the biggest designers does not continue his magnificent trajectory. Also it surprises me that the one that was granted last year to Nicolás Ghesquiere of the House Balenciaga has not surrendered or if only the fans of the fashion we have not even found out.
Maria de las Heras, Madrid
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