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I am American and I live in Manhattan but I have not hesitated to move to Paris to see the Balenciaga collections since I love the Spanish fashion. Other times to Madrid or Barcelona, but lately enough disappoints the footbridge Cibeles to me, so I do not go. A friend sent to me his Bulletin and I took a pleasant surprise: a high quality fashionable magazine and with an exquisite taste! I congratulate them and cheer up continue for this way. I have surprised pleasantly to find also fashion for the young people. They already know that the American girls look after little! I believe that his magazine will help me which they want to dress themselves well. Thank you,
Jenny O'Conor, New York
Exhibitionism and violence of genre
Before the evidence of which the ill-treatment is something that happens and exists in our tolerant society, it is not possible less that to question if the best way of fighting them and of preparing them is the Law of Domestic Violence. Without judging the particular histories, which in many cases claim urgency in that one “puts ground for way” and even grills, between one and another spouse, it would be necessary to raise what to do not to go to these extremes, to educate in sensibility and opening towards the others. In more than one occasion have I attended the scene of how a girl dressed in form? let's say it gently?“ showy” it was entering a place infested with curious eyes that were turning to look at it. In flirtation terms, it can be thought that bighead should feel of causing sense of expectancy, but if one thinks it coldly, it is not precisely an admiration what this type of appearances wakes up. When the women we demonstrate the great thing that we cost across the elegance – that is compatible with the modernity although not with the vulgarity — we put the high strip of wood, as it corresponds to the dealing that we hope to give and receive from the others. It is not possible to demand courteousness if the language indumentario that we use is violent, because everything in us speaks, up to the subtlest thing. It would be necessary to see if it is really what we mean.
Margarita Puigarnau, Madrid
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