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Fashion with “message“
I have liked very much the article about opinion about the previous number of ASMODA, if the fashion can improve the world or not. I am of the opinion of which it is not his direct mission, for that the politicians are the international organisms, the ONGs, etc. But it always can and has to, like art and culture that is the world of the design, to influence the men and women who show it and in educating the good taste. In these moments, as he was commenting on the article, perhaps there is putting itself too much emphasis on things that after all are superfluous, like the use of natural materials, the rejection to the skins or ephemeral political messages printed on T-shirts. What it is not necessary to lose of sight is who takes this fashion, how it goes to be with her and what is going to transmit. In the footbridges and in the fashionable magazines often dressed women are seen as "pilinguis". And the fact is that although you are not interested in the message, but only the design, in the long run you "transmit" message: how are you, what you think, how you see the others, what things you like and what your values are. I remember now a quiz, Identity, in which to find out the identity of a person or to assign certain phrases or tastes to him, it was a track to observe how it was dressing. And the fact is that the appearances not always cheat.
Eva Oliveras, Valencia
Everyone his pants
Many women keep on using pants cigaret although they have no type for it. Perhaps what they do not have is a mirror at home. With a few kilos of more, the muslazos and the chichas that are marked in a few tight cigarets remain horrible. And there are superwooden bowls when you see them with a few shoes of high and thin heel. But also I have been surprised that in the opposite side there begin taking the called "boyfriend" jeans, these jeans that you steal from your boy and place them yourself although there are four more sizes, narrowing them with a belt and remangándote the shallows. With the easy thing that is there put themselves a few good jeans of your size, with which you are fine and feel comfortable. Not quite what it is possible to take should take, but for fashion... the colors.
Maritxu Elizondo, Pamplona
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