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The perfect excuse
I have seen some chapter of the series of television “90-60-90. Secret newspaper of an adolescent”, and I remained very disappointed. Although the subtitle of the series was already putting me in guard, he was hoping for an interesting history on the world of the fashion. But everything is a perfect excuse to fit the affectionate - erotic entanglement between one minor applicant to model and a fashionable photographer. They are not cut at the time of rolling sex scenes and it does not have major interest than the fact that everything passes in an agency of models like backdrop. The series is quite deplorable and it gives a frivolous and slightly professional image of the world of the fashion, which seems little less than a cover for the prostitution. It is worth losing not even a minute in seeing it, since it deforms the reality, as called “Physicist or Chemist” does also on the world of the classrooms this another pernicious series.
Mercedes Pérez Velasco, Madrid
Fan of
Approximately three months ago I entered almost by chance in I surprised agreeably the tone of the magazine and subscribed. I liked seeing especially that limit themselves to giving photos and collections videos almost without order nor concert and without a detail I criticize and explanatory, but you give your opinion and select the models, but what I read with more interest are the interviews. It is phenomenal in a digital magazine to be made out to the first figures of the fashion with serious declarations and up to deep in many cases. Continue in this line. I am recommending the magazine to my friends and who is not going to defraud them.
Marisa Reyes, Santander
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