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I have read in asmoda, and also in other publications the worry that exists for the topic of the anorexia, that's why I think that it is a sign much `positiva that the fashionable tendencies begin moving away from the forms andrógenas and squalid as we are already seeing in some collections. It is true that the fashion is not the only culprit of the topic of the anorexia, as the designers allege, but it has turned out to be very positive to me to meet some arguments in favor of a healthy beauty and to glimpse that the "real" beauty will triumph again.
Tape Roig
In the illustrated magazines we see often more or less famous weddings and in many cases the inadequate of some wedding dresses shocks me. If an important facet of the elegance consists in taking in every moment the most suitable thing I think that some low-cut, super suits transparent and full of beads are not the most stated. That's why it has made me happy to read in a titled book “We go of wedding” a few very lucid ideas of the designer Lorenzo Caprile that they say so “A wedding is a ceremony. It is neither a delivery of awards of Hollywood, nor a musical gala... As a big part of the weddings that are celebrated in Spain is religious we must not forget that the most important part - the most important - of this ceremony is celebrated inside a church... Today the tolerance grade is major, but it is not necessary to confuse tolerance with dissoluteness. It is understandable that you want to be the most nice of the dance, the star of the holiday, but you do not forget that earlier habrás the state in a church. A church is not a discotheque”. I believe that these lines say everything.
Raquel Zulueta
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