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“You are court. That means that you live of the men”. There attracted attention of me this phrase said in the program of Four “Supermodels 2007” to convince the girls to whom they were parading of erotic form dressed in linen. The tone of the program is more or less that: naked photos covered with a few pigtails or got into the bathtub, simulations of advertizing commercials in the one that they must show themselves uninhibited with a stranger, etc. In this "academy" (do they give any diploma of something?) they confuse a model with a prostitute. The models do not have why to do things that they do not want, but in this academy to big I join have that “to be ready to everything”, if not, they throw them. This is flatly false, a sinister lie, although in this world there is of everything. Does he have to allow to handle model that way so coarse to triumph in a worthy profession of for himself? There me make sad these girls, whom they have coaxed with a dazzling career, and to see his suffering on having been humiliated, humiliated and insulted by a few supposed "professionals" when not “they lose the shyness” in the worst sense of the word. Deplorable.
Irene García-Nervión, Madrid
I have in my closet a few shoes of hace several periods that were spent fashionably but it was making me sad to throw them because I liked. I they have dusted – it is one to say, because I keep them kept in boxes - and have tried them on. There are shoes of high stilettoes, of short spade and type lounge. I have seen in ASMODA that turns his use at any time of the day and not only for the night, and I like, because it turns out to be favoring. A heel shoe heightens the feminine figure and denotes style. I admit that I go much more comfortable with the low and wide zapatones, and “to raise me to the heels” costs me enough. But the simple fact of putting on a few high heel shoes to him implies that your personal arrangement keeps on mattering for you and, also, it is already known, that to look after a little is a respect sign to the others.
Elizabeth Esteban Fernández, Valladolid
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