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Everybody knew that in the advertizing world and of the fashion the photographic finishing touches and the felling and snag are to the agenda. Less evil than someone has dared to extract it to be re-shown and to denounce it before the public opinion! The scandal of the mark Ralph Lauren, slimming with photographic finishing touches up to contrary to nature levels to the model Filippa Hamilton, already was too much. It is the one that should denounce them because they left it with a horrible and sickly body. I believe that it is clearly a fraud to the consumer. Examples there is every day, after opening a magazine: nobody obtains a perfect skin and without a speck or a pore after certain makeup puts itself or anti-wrinkle, not even the anticelulítico leaves the skin of a newborn baby to you a few days after using it … And already let's not say the damage that they do to the adolescents with these models skeletal and above slimmed with the photoshop.
White Miriam Villalba, Madrid
This summer a friend said to me that had signed me to a called digital magazine because she liked very much and was helping him to see the fashion with different eyes. I thanked him but the thing did not call me too much the attention. Now I want to say to you that I have turned into fan of the magazine and want to congratulate you. My friend was right. I continue with big interest the articles about opinion, the interviews and also your Blog in which Maria León tells us interesting and lively things. I hope to recommend it also to other friends because it is worth it.
Amparo Colomer, Valencia
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