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A new period approaches. Everything changes. The closet is renewed and the accessories put themselves to tone with the new station. A revision to the Chanel precollection will place in the keys for the next autumn winter to us. He takes note so that they do not take you unprepared.
Black purse
The elaborate classicism of the black purse cannot be missing. It is the urban face of the complements that are always of actuality. It is soft, comfortable and it can take with the short handle or in bandolier.
Red purse
A flare of red makes happy to the winter. The red purse will cheer up the severity of the gray or black tones. A chain intermingled in the handle gives him the golden touch.
Black bracelet
The more dressed is the occasion the smaller the complement is … good-looking Chanel also for the black, like that this complement can be your most assiduous accompanist for the holidays.
Long necklaces
The necklaces keep on being lengths. Also they the favorite combination of the above mentioned goes to them periods: the white person and the black. White pearls and black stones for a necklace easily combinable.
Wide bracelet
The wide and golden bracelet is the ideal platform for a made flower of stones of colors. A dazzling complement that can heighten any set.
Belt to game
A belt to game with the bracelet. The golden chains join two flowers that reproduce the stones of the brooch. A belt practical and full of romanticism.  
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