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Asmoda you ofrce the topics that more you interesesan on fashion and culture:
Fashion and luxury in the hypermodern age
Gilles Lipovetsky | International Congress of Fashion CIM 2008
The function humanizadora of the fashion
Alfredo Cruz Prados | International Congress of Fashion CIM 2008
Anthropology of the elegance
Blanca Castilla Cortázar |
The fashion in the modern societies.
Ann Martínez Barreiro | Tecnos
The footbridges turn into claims
Fashion: from the dictatorship to the proposal
M. Angels Burguera | "Company, fashion and society".
You of the Fashion
Eduardo Robredo Zugasti
Of the fashion and dressing
Alfonso Fernández Tresguerres
Fashion for an adolescent
From the fashion to the war
Eduardo Robredo Zugasti
The fashion in the Postmodernity
Adolfo Vásquez Rocca
Fashion and Avant-gardes
Fashion, Body and Democracy
Eduardo Robredo Zugasti
To create fashion, to do culture
Mónica Codina | It confers in Valencia | Foundation I Sew
Fashion and intimacy
To think the fashion
Prof. Dra. Ann Marta González | Summary of the informative article: "To think the fashion”
The fashion, between the economy and the culture
Alejandro Llano | Aceprensa
Accomplices of the frivolity
José Antonio Marina | The Cultural one of The Reason
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