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To continue the fashion today and to be elegant is necessary a big critical sense: the patterns with big flowers, the smooth ones of violent tones, the textiles of network, the laces and the transparences, the bras imitation guêpière, the intimate pledges that turn into garments, the embroidered shoes, the jeans with crystal incrustations, the bellybuttons to the air, etc., are elements “of risk”.
His fashion includes every time new horizons and this year, 25 anniversary of his incursion in the world of the fashion, has given place to several events. The retrospective exhibitions of Agatha that had already circulated along several cities have turned into real events to his step along Barcelona and along Burgos where it has received an affectionate homage of his companions.
The Ferré death has moved to the world of the fashion. Those that some of his models want to see closely of High fashion can give themselves a return for the Museum Christian Dior of Paris to see the exhibition “Dior:60 High years in Colors“ that he commemorates 60 years of the House Dior and that it will remain opened to the public until September 23.
It seems that Barcelona loses bellows in the world of the fashion, Gaudí disappeared, and there was replaced by a Footbridge Barcelona, which did not survive any more than two editions, like result of the sponsors' absence and the determination of the Generalitat for betting for young values.
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