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The information about a next "transfer" of the Museum of the Suit of Madrid to the future National Center of the Fashion placed in the Slaughterhouse, caused a big stupor between the lovers of the fashion. If it is considered to be the distance that was measuring between 17.000 square meters of the current Museum the 4.000 that try to be enabled in the Slaughterhouse, more that of transfer it is necessary to speak about dismantling or at least about dismemberment. During the last months they have tried to look for logical solutions but the Commission of Culture of the Senate has just pushed any alternative back. Awful news for the fashion.
Saint Laurent said it neither more nor less than: only the cowboy regretted without having invented. It transmits simplicity, modesty and seduction. The most famous pants of the world keep on marking tendencies. Of the hand of the denim your charisma has turned into one of the big stars of the fashion it has infected to other pledges - skirts jackets, shirts, monkeys, vests - and his versatility and practical sense have turned the “look cowboy” in one of the favorites. Even the big couturiers have yielded to his delight.
In his more than 30 years of profession Jesus del Pozo has lived with intensity through all the ups and downs of the Spanish fashion. It was a key element of the "action of Madrid", it has been in the beginning of the Footbridge Cibeles and has been the first President of the Creators' Association of the Fashion of Spain. In the last years his fashion has given a more commercial draft without losing his identity signs: a miscellany of lyricism and refinement, with a touch of oriental esthetics. In his last collection it has been praised by a sophisticated and slightly mysterious woman.
Eighteen parades, between which they were representing creations of top designers of the Spanish fashion, have led the first edition of “Cibeles Madrid Fiancées” celebrated during the 23rd and 24th of April. The fashion has showed us what it reserves for the fiancées in an immediate future. Designs of romantic air, silks, brocades, organzas, silver adornments and crystal, frills, bonds and a wink to decades previous to the purest style vintage. The traditional pure white color coexists with the broken target, the crude oil and subtle tones of the beige and of the gray.
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