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Not only the blood falters with the spring, the fashion does not resist to the delight of the new station either. The tendencies spring - summer assault the closets with new proposals according to the days of the sun and with the vitalist tone of the nature. Sign up the new looks that remove colors and styles, they suggest revivals of the past and show us futurist visions. Quite according to the cánones that mark the footbridges that later you will be able to select in accordance with your personal style.
His presentation in the Footbridge Cibeles has been received by critical enthusiasts. Lydia Delgado has conquered once again with a collection intimist and romantic in whom classic bosses are mixed with the most avant-garde tendencies. With a style and a few features that have led many people to comparing it with Audrey Hepburn, this designer who confesses to have a strong and rebellious character, one transmits with his clothes big love for the beautiful things, a big dose of poetry.
An intense week, that of the most important second fashionable footbridge of the world after Paris. We have seen again the Italian genius and the mastery in the making of his collections in all the creators. A singing to the perfection. Brave Milan!
Today, many people still believe that the fashion is something with what they come across every day of accidental form. They think that the fleetingness of the tendencies turns them into superficial realities and little (or not at all) influential. But thanks to the negligence of the tradition, the fashion is beginning occupying the leading role that deserves because it affects to an essential anthropological question: our identity.
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