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Between the innovations of the Cibeles of this period the return is to the Footbridge of Adolfo Dominguez after 10 years of absence. The Galician designer returns so to the platform where it found his successes in the 80s and 90s. His magic phrase “the wrinkle is beautiful” it is one of those that a major popularity has reached in the Spanish fashion. The whole generacoón was raised to the car of this slogan that universal being has obtained. The Footbridge, in his 50 edition, recovers this way a designer who was capable of modifying the esthetics of dressing creating a fashion desestructurada and at large that looks first of all for a beauty ideal.
The shade of the crisis has penetrated: how not? in the world of the fashion … but there have arisen voices of those who believe in the enormous power of the creativity and the work to frighten the bad auguries. The big ones of the High fashion of Paris have tried desdibujar the bogey of the crisis exceeding sumptuousness and coming to his most spectacular and creative resources to demonstrate that the crisis does not go with them. Will they have obtained it? At the moment we have at sight his illusion and his courage.
The collection for this autumn / winter of Pedro del Hierro is the consequence of a general look of the fashion towards the past, without losing this touch of elegance that characterizes all his proposals: impeccable court, favoring silhouettes, comfortable textiles. This time the retro-futurism (those pledges that formerly we were thinking that we would shine in the future) triumphs in a very feminine collection of pronounced structures.
A few classicism features have slipped in in the fashion autumn - winter, but they have not managed to displace the barroquismo inherited of the 80s with which they have had to compromise. Both coexist in a series of tendencies that do not suppose a rupture with the previous period but a moderate continuation. If we add a few touches to this years 40 we will have summed up what provides to us a new fashion that insists on the leading role of the black, it chooses the superlong boots, the pants cigaret, the romantic white blouses and the jackets over-side: Attention to the tendencies that they order!
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