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In the above mentioned weeks we have been present at a fuss mediático with advertizing campaigns like fund music... The polemic had like protagonists to some originals of publicity that, according to authorized opinions, penetrate the limit of the ethical thing and of the good taste. The problem is not new.
The collections of 35 designers who paraded in the last Cibeles edition, dyed the black's footbridge. It is seen that the “entire black” will be the touch of domineering glamor of next autumn - winter, the common note of a fashion that moves between memories of previous decades, futurist visions and romantic fits.
“Spain occupies one of the first places in the fashion for children”. Pepa Ortiz goes in the infantile fashion from the year 67, she is an expert in the textile industry and in the management of contests that take the child as a protagonist.
For the spring 2007 GALLIC CARLOS has been inspired by the famous club of jazz “Cotton Club“ that opened his doors in New York in 1923 in full quarter of Harlem and turned into a frequented place not only for gangsters and rich businessmen but also for stars of the world of the dance, of the movies and the song.
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