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The Christmas is felt in the air, in the faces and in the streets, that's why way is made more easily the small but good news that depart from the intimate stronghold of the feelings. For example... the last reports point out that, for the crisis, the Spanish have decided to cut away all the chapters of his expenses: except one! that of the gifts! and there will wear out in them 16 % more than last year. It is clear that before these holidays of spiritual soaked depth the whole world is ready to extract afloat his good heart. There are days for the love, the renewal and the innovation. Happy Christmas!
The holidays approach and the fashion becomes dazzling. The round sheen of the spangles and the metallized ones along with the most discreet of the sateen, they mark the tendencies. The garments sign up to the new volumes, to the miscellany of textiles, to the magic of the gathers and the drapeados. The black color, winter king, is illuminated by color fits and leaves a margin for the vitalism of the red one and of the purple, green and blue tones. The Spanish fashion shows us his most festive face for a few only days.
Tones pastries and gilded they alternate with the white glacier and tones ivories to create a vitalist and romantic proposal in rich textiles like the velvet of silk, the gauze, the cashmere and the wool and the brocaded and brilliant details. It is the proposal for this winter 2009/10 presented by Ralph Lauren in New York
Ion Fiz, the from Bilbao designer who is praised by an elegant and avant-garde glamor, has appealed to the ecology for his collection spring - summer 2010. His good finished tailoring pledges have been made by waxed silks, ecological cottons and sateen with vegetable strips. But his principal inspiration source has been the water that has taken shape in his coloring and in his patterns. In this interview he speaks to us about his last collection that Watercolour has called.
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