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They have paraded the footbridges of the latter months much more than the new collections 2008. The debate on the woman's model that some designers propose has caught fire for a provocative image of a campaign against the anorexia led by a model who suffers the illness …
Always attentive to the keys of the style Chanel, but with his own and inexhaustible creativity, Karl Lagerfeld has presented the collection Pret to Porter Primavera Verano 2008 in plenary meeting “Grand Palais“, this magisterial building of glass and iron that has turned into one of the most emblematic monuments of Paris.
It is considered to be one of the most solid young values of the Spanish fashion. Alma Aguilar, this designer of simple dealing and natural aspect, will parade next month in the Footbridge Cibeles in an individual pass, a privilege that only the most emblematic creators have. Hippie - elegance prepares soul now his new collection that she qualifies of “romantic and feminine inside a style”
Hillary Clinton candidate to the White House with 60 years, Madonna reigns of pop a few months before fulfilling the 50, winning Helen Mirren of an Oscar to his 61 and Kim Basinger one of the most wished women of the world with 52 years. It remains clear that something has changed and that the women of between 50 and 65 years of small today have to do with the stereotypes minted in the past.
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