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In one of the letters published recently in our magazine, Maria Suárez Pérez, a student of journalism of 18 years, was asking us in a next number of to speak on what also it must be considered to be “a beauty“ in a wider sense because the essential of a woman his appearance is not only. Today we do it from this Opinion section.
The Footbridge Cibeles keeps on growing. In this edition, 37 designers have given us a vision of the fashion autumn - winter, although the months that are still missing they will be tinting details and will polishing edges. At the moment the key proposals are: the line moves between the romanticism and the architectural forms. The purple one and the blue dyes, with interfering of the yellow one and of the red one, there are the triumphant colors along with the force of the black like eternal proposal. It continues the duo of the success: white person and black. The garment is the pledge it covers with stars. Important shoulders, belts and corseletes “jewel“ highest, heels and platforms, and the skirt gaining the game to the pants.
As a spring evening there are the colors that there propose to us the cosmetic geniuses of the beauty of the color. New tendencies that go in consonance with the fashion: look of new products, color naturally luminous, radiant...
Blonde, clear eyes, without a makeup pinch. He does not need it for his youth, and because it has one of these smooth and transparent skins. He speaks small, and a light seseo denotes that it is Sevillian. Maria León expert in Fashion, Public relations and Fashion design, makes début like adviser of the Blog of ASMODA, “The blog of Maria León”, which you can find to depart in this month in every number online from our magazine.
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