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The habit does not do the monk but the language yes because it denotes immediately the personal style and the level of refinement of the person. Unfortunately a bad understood sense of the freedom is identifying the feminine emancipation with the uninhibited tone, with the aggressive behavior and with speaking torn open.
From the year 1998 Nicolás Ghesquière is the Balenciaga artistic director. In the last periods he has been able to demonstrate more than never that, respecting the essential lines of the teacher, it is possible to give a magnificent lesson of modern elegance. Ghesquière has turned out to be elevated in the first line of the big gurus of the current fashion. In his collection pret-a-porter autumn - winter has handled with mastery symbols and multicultural colors.
Making itself up is an art, a daily habit practised by million women who think about how to know the fashionable tendencies, the coloring of period: how to choose the ideal colors for every person and every moment...? This period not only a revival of the 80s lives through your clothes, also your beauty kit. It chooses strident colors like blue pop, the orange acid or the pink chewing gum and, especially the mystery of the seduction.
Cibeles has turned, undoubtedly, into the most emblematic footbridge, the biggest event of the Spanish fashion. In this edition number 46 the proposals of 36 creators have paraded. The general keynote is a variadísimo mix of tendencies and the absence of spectacular changes. What notes would we emphasize face the period spring - summer 2008? Futurist textiles of high technology, pale colors, with a special toast for the lilac, the purple tones and permanence of the yellow one, victory of the garment and of the look draper, predominance of the skirts with many flights and regression of the pants cigaret before the advance of the wide pants and with the highest waist. And many bonds …
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