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It is the postmodern thing, beauty, and you cannot do anything on this matter! The famous phrase of Humphrey Bogart has escaped from me in the movie “The last threat“ to introduce the topic of up to where there has come, at present, the fashion as reflex of the convulsions of our society. Volume borrowed the sociologist Gilles Lipovetsky a few words to define the fashion: "A way of perpetuating a mythical way of thinking in the heart of the cultures mercantilists and desacralizadas“. But does it stay yet a little of mythical in the today fashion?
The thermometer rises and we are on the point of giving the welcome to the summer. There approach days of beach and of swimming pool and it is necessary to be right with the suitable look. The swimsuit appears in the best footbridges and the designers struggle to impregnate it with the last proposals of the fashion. The accessories also count and the pareos, mini-garments to game, the caftans and loose blouses conspire so that you find your own style. Quite with the fresh and modern air of a plethoric summer of water and of the sun.
“My collection `Ucrania´ for the spring - summer 2009 pays tribute to the magic that transforms in seconds the light of the sky and his stars” Francis Montesinos says. In this so peculiar ambience it thinks up the chromatic scale of his models between blue, pink, gray tones, dusty tones and a few finished textiles that bring a touch of major innovation to his personalísimas creations. The gasas and organzas natives liven up his holiday models.
His shoes are exhibited in shop windows, as if of trataran jewels. The corporate color of the mark, the cherry, coordinated with the crema, illuminates the shop located in a central street of Madrid, where the conversation takes place with Sara Navarro. Black and white photos of the presentation of his collections, of the familiar factory in Elda, and of his grandfather with apron and sat in a chair, immersed in the dressmaking of his shoes, like a Geppetto polishing Pinocho. Another photo, receiving the golden Medal to the Merit of the hand Fine arts of the King, in 2005, stands out along with some of his creations
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