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Amaya Arzuaga is one of our most international designers. This burgalesa of cosmopolitan look has paraded in London and Milan, and the signature that takes his name has already disembarked in China. And the fact is that Amaya not for. Parades, creation of lines of accessories, wardrobe for movies, the throwing of a wine with his name and even the creation of a contest for young artists like that they demonstrate it to us. Asmoda has interviewed it after the success of his last collection presented in Cibeles.
The fashion of Elio Berhanyer continues his impassive trajectory before the passage of time. In his creative baggage they represent more than hundred collections in which, today like yesterday, they dominate the classic style and the good one to do that they were making him famous, prepared with constant fits of innovation and of fantasy. His most spectacular models rhyme very well with the gale of holidays that approach … Elio bets for a type of cosmopolitan elegance, always at the edge of the High fashion, which has taken shape once again in his collections of this year.
The year that it finishes finishes off his days with a singular holiday: Christmas. It is necessary to leave aside the thunderclouds of the crisis to submerge directly in the human warmth that wraps the most familiar and affectionate holiday of the year. Around us we see her reflected in the adornments that arise in streets and squares: nativity scenes, trees, hearts and the Christmas resplendence of one of the symbols of major openwork: the stars. “If the stars go down to look at him, behind every star it travels an angel” the poet Luis Rosales was writing. From we want to wish all our readership and readers one: HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
The assembly room of the Museum of the Suit was to overflow at ten o'clock in the morning of October 22, 2008. There began the inaugural conference of I International Congress of Fashion CIM 2008. Everybody wanted to hear the famous French sociologist, author of "The empire of the ephemeral thing". Gilles Lipovetsky, creator of the concept of "was hypermodern", it came, spoke and convinced.
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