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Now when we are on the point of discovering the fashion spring - summer, now when it seems that the fever of the reductions has gone down a little, it is perhaps a good moment to stop to think more slowly about the phenomenon of the fashion.
The same Giorgio Armani has declared that his inspiration for the collection Spring - summer 2008 is the south, his memories of a long summer in Sicily. Memories that Armani has mixed with diverse calls of other more distant cultures …
It has obtained important awards as the T of Telva, the Prix of the Fashion Marie Claire or the Award Woman to the best designer. Miguel Palacio has dressed some of the most envied fiancées in our country like Laura Ponte or Rosario Domecq (wife of the toreador The Juli). His principal target is to be over the tendencies that are imposed in every moment and his weapon to achieve it is an elegant design, the impeccable finished some and a deep knowledge of the seam.
The revival of the fashion towards images of the 40s and 50s has put in the first plane the long hairs with form in the style of the big stars of Hollywood of the epoch, gaining the game to the faded hairs. GALLIC CARLOS claims this tendency of a very personal way converting his collection spring - summer 2008 into an authentic allegory to the waves in all his versions.
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