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“The fashion of the XXIst century means the victory of the freedom”. The French couturier Emmanuel Ungaro said this phrase a little in an emphatic way, in an interview. The fashion, in his holders and slogans, has been nourished in infinity of occasions of the aureole, almost magic, which surrounds the word liberate because there is no prerogative of the person so important as that of feeling free, proprietor of his acts, of his ideas and of his projects.
To find Ágatha Ruiz of the Prada in his study of the street Ortega and Gasset is the whole luck because this woman: not for! And to be able to interview it face to face is still a major fortune. When Ágatha lands in Madrid a pair of days, his agenda begins filling with meetings, meetings, presentations, social acts...: a madness! Skylight that to be successful that has this designer, it is necessary to be as it is she: vital, hyperactive, sincere, creative and, especially, very, very hard-working. Asmoda introduces you in the kingdom of our most international and controversial designer his exciting personality uncovers.
It was destined to be the first Museum devoted entirely to a designer of High fashion. Cristóbal Balenciaga recognized as the most influential couturier of the XXth century, deserves this homage of his native country. But the project of a Museum in Guetaria, the people where he was born, that had to be inaugurated in 2003, is suspended because of a long process in the courts by aberrations in his management. Meanwhile, in the shallows of a block of flats of Guetaria 1.000 Balenciaga pledges remain, for years. An authentic treasure.
Let does not cost money... A good maxim to frighten the bogey of the crisis. The High fashion of Paris has faced to the reality with a luxurious boasting and fantasy. Between the 25th and 28th of January the big designers have showed his proposals spring - summer 2009. Orientalism, inspiration years 30, giant flowers, embroideries of fable and a competition of mastery in the drapeados. The life continues …! that the spectacle not droop!