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For: Bale Castile
The Christmas holidays approach and a perfume turns into a surprise, a caprice, a festive exhuberancia, a touch of magic for a very exclusive Christmas present. It is true that every season has a type of aroma certain: the floral waters and the fruity colonies are own of the warm stations, while in winter the general tendency is praised by the very elaborated perfumes.
This is the case of Delices de Cartier, a bottle XXL Eau de Toilete, very original that perpetuates the vocation of the mark for the decorative objects. A bottle with 2,8 liters capacity, in a limited series of 300 copies, in that it is necessary to highlight the absolute elegance of the bottle - jeweler created to two hands between Cartier and the Cris
Bourjois has developed especially for Christmastime the Indispensable Duos, products bestseller presented in delightful ultra-feminine, ideal boxes to give and to be given. They contain these chests a Volume Glamour “Ultra Black and Effet 3D transparently and the second box of “Delice de Poudre Pinceau”.
The House leader in champagne celebrates these holidays with a new bottle jewel, of limited edition and of a reinvented abundance, with his fabulous golden glazing. The good taste and the savoir faire of Moët &Chandon, is reinvented now in a case that includes a bottle of edition limited on incrustations of golden glazing Swaroski, to fill with surprise his guests.
November, 2007
Is it possible today to sign up to the myth of the eternal youth? Difficult question … but yes it is possible to face the passage of time steadfastness and to demonstrate that it is possible to be beautiful at any age. The enemies watch: crow's feet, flaccidity, wrinkles, spots, are some facial elements where the aging is reflected. Till now it was fighting with plastic surgery, but today there triumph new generations of products, devices and treatments that produce an effective action in the face. The battle is served.
October, 2007
Making itself up is an art, a daily habit practised by million women who think about how to know the fashionable tendencies, the coloring of period: how to choose the ideal colors for every person and every moment...? This period not only a revival of the 80s lives through your clothes, also your beauty kit. It chooses strident colors like blue pop, the orange acid or the pink chewing gum and, especially the mystery of the seduction.
September, 2007
It is a new concept and he is born like alternative to all that that is traditional: in Spain, only it exists in Madrid, in san Sebastián and in Valencia; but in other European capitals – like London – this pioneering experience is very well-known; he thinks about how to fill a gap on the Spanish market with personalized and specializing offers: the care of the body and some natural extracts of high place standing, there constitute his identity signs.
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