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For: Bale Castile
We begin a new year for that we wait come fully from good things and that, like the good extracts, are indelible and for which the time does not happen. And now we wonder: to what do the good desires smell? The luck - it is said - it detaches an aroma of iris and of violets. The desire evokes the smell of a garden of orange blossom and the dear person smells to love and seduction. But the most important thing is to give feelings because these always leave trace.
The fashion has always had an active presence in the world of the perfume. There is no signature of prestige that has not its own aroma. Luxurious like the mythical Chanel, revolutionist like Thierry Mugler, exotic like Jesus del Pozo, fantastic and adventurous like Bond Girl of Avo, seducer as Serge Lutens or this Bamboo of Adolfo Dominguez, his
Clarins has created “Instant Gloss“, the first one that contains "sensitive" pigments Is completely transparent and color meets to the lips on the only tone. The trick resides in that these sensitive elements react with the cutaneous pH and receive a subtle pink tone. The ultrathin oils and lípidos vegetable extracted from the grenade they make the lips perfectly hydrated and smooth. The silky texture full of gentleness of this gloss wraps the lips with a veil impalpalble of long duration and of luminous transparence.
An innovative treatment anti-fall of Collistar that wants to be an effective answer against the loss of the hair with a few results científicamente proven. It is known of a shampoo reforzante that it cleans the hair making it soft and brilliant and makes it more vigorous and resistant. Another product is a lotion reforzante with a very advanced formula that acts for the whole capillary fibre, the scalp and the hair bulb. It acts quickly and with efficacy thanks to the high concentration of the Complex GPAG, of revolutionary effects, proved of the most advanced cosmetic biotechnology.

December, 2008
Careers in the streets, the tumult of the holidays, the gifts … special moments that need looks special. Let's change the face of every day into the face of a special occasion. Twinkles, colors, reflexes, sparks that illuminate every lounge and every gift. Here we have a small sample with our best happiness desires.
November, 2008
In this autumn and, every period, the makeup dictates its own norms and turns into an ally of the seduction. Change winds come and to the tones roses and pastries of last summer happen to him metallic tones with preference the gold and other darker tones to obtain a look of Gothic effects that rhymes with the new fashion of dressing.
October, 2008
The eyes are capable of reflecting all our interior world. His expressive capacity has no limits and his seduction power turns them into a key point of the makeup. For this period autumn - winter continue on the one hand the tones cake and by other there is imposed the tendency of the metallic shades with golden colors and bronze. But there is something that can do to the even more expressive eyes: the personal skill at the time of making them up to heighten his strong points and to hide his problems. We suggest you a few simple but effective tricks
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