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From autumn, when the solar beams lose force, it is the best moment to tackle the “operation draft”. The spots are the third apex of the triangle of the aging together with the wrinkles and the flaccidity, with the sun as explosive I always number one. His favorite areas are those more at sight: hands, neck, neckline and especially the face where the spots are more visible especially in the cases of híper pigmentation, very difficult to camouflage with the makeup.
THE SPOTS AND HIS TYPES Ante a facial spot the first thing is to determine his origin and class to look for the most effective solution. You stain hormonalesSuelen to appear in the forehead, top lip, cheeks your origin divides of hormonal changes pregnancies, birth-control pill - or also for genetic predisposition although
The mark of cosmetics Clarins has presented two treatments to heighten the skin of the face of the 50-year-old women. “Lotion of Reveil Defroissante” is inspired in the Japanese rituals of beauty offering an immediate beautification of the skins that turn out to be marked in the morning to the awakening. It smoothes and encourages the skin offering to him more polish and more luminosity. “Masque-Baume Repulpant” is a creamy and nourishing treatment to recover resplendence and beauty. This mask wraps the face and the neck with gentleness, returns a fuller aspect to the depressions of the face and offers maximum delicacy to the epidermis.
They all love the look post-holidays of dark skin and fair-haired hairs clarified by the sun … Thanks to the professionals of John Frieda, so much the fair-haired hair, with wicks or the clear chestnut-tree they can recover the sheen of the holidays and obtain a natural tone during the rest of the year. The new treatment “Go Blonder“ formed by the technology “Latic Acid Lightening" and the illuminating Complex, presents in the shampoo and conditioner manage to clarify progressively the hair thanks to the citric extracts, the camomile and the lactic acid and improve the health of the capillary fibre.
July, 2009
In the days of beach and of the sun the makeup does not go on to a background … only puts itself to tone with the station and is reserved for the holidays and the most playful moments. That's why it fills with a major fantasy. This year they dominate the "sheens". The cosmetics signatures compete in presenting to us proposals that shine with the force of his coloring magicians. These are some of more glamurosos makeups for the summer 2009.
June, 2009
The longed days of beach and of the sun are … to the return of the corner. But it is necessary to receive to the star king as it is deserved: with happiness but with precaution so that his wonderful beams do not create problems and we could show a nice tone tanned without staking the skin. If we are cautious the sun will appear before us as a healthy source of vitamins and an agreeable pleasure. A few orientations of the signature Lancaster, they will help us to extract the maximum divided to the solar exhibition.
May, 2009
It has been demonstrated that a relation exists between the presence of toxins in the body and the appearance of the cellulitis. According to the Dra. Teresa Valero Jefe of the Unit of corporal Esthetic Medicine of the Laser Medical Institute, his relation is propitiated by a bad feeding. Some circulatory problems might aggravate it or favor his appearance. The frequent digestive problems reduce the oxygenation of the cells and the blood is saturated of materials of waste that finish with settling in the critical areas of the body.
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