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For: Bale Castile
Making itself up is an art, a daily habit practised by million women who think about how to know the fashionable tendencies, the coloring of period: how to choose the ideal colors for every person and every moment...? This period not only a revival of the 80s lives through your clothes, also your beauty kit. It chooses strident colors like blue pop, the orange acid or the pink chewing gum and, especially the mystery of the seduction.
A collection marks every period, like a flower in an imaginary garden, Dominique Moncourtois and Heidi Morawetz say to us, of Chanel. Every period we are inspired by a few colors and a few effects of matter, of light. 4 CAMELLIAS I lead us to creating, about a spectacular case, an imaginary garden, a palette of roses stick, beiges, m
September, 2007
It is a new concept and he is born like alternative to all that that is traditional: in Spain, only it exists in Madrid, in san Sebastián and in Valencia; but in other European capitals – like London – this pioneering experience is very well-known; he thinks about how to fill a gap on the Spanish market with personalized and specializing offers: the care of the body and some natural extracts of high place standing, there constitute his identity signs.
July / ago 2007
FOR THE SUMMER... The style “Easy Going“
The summer demands a style of comfortable and natural hairstyle. Michel Meyer has created different versions for the half long hair giving tests of the versatility to which a cut can come technically perfectly. Meyer has explained the "cómos" to us and "porqués" of the style that “Easy Going“ has called
June, 2007
The sun is necessary for the life, but the skin cannot face his beams of form untimely and neglected without risking suffering the consequences: burns, cutaneous aging, appearance of tumors … More and more dermatologists raise the alarm voice and warn of the dangers that it bears a solar exhibition without protection.
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