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Christian Lacroix in the Museum of Decorative Arts
For: Gemma Piñana
It is defined by the brilliant colors, the luxury and the perfection. He is one of the designers preferred by the Spanish infanta Helen de Borbón. The Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris, next to the museum of the Louvre he dedicates a very particular retrospective, which it includes the years 1987-2007 and which will be closed on April 20, 2008. The sample, finally, is a miscellany of exhibition and collection, of compilation of suits and of presentation of Seam.
More than 400 garments compose the sample, pieces chosen scrupulously by Christian Lacroix, a designer who grew up in the French Provence and who familiarized himself very quickly with the bulls, the gypsies and the coloring provenzal. In many of his collections it takes and recreates elements of the suit of killer, of the gypsies, of the in Goya's style thing, of
To treat them not only expression lines, but also the flaccidity was the subject dependent on the botox. Thanks to the new skills, the botox manages, not only relaxation of the muscles reponsables of the facial fall and the strengthening of other elevators of the features, but also many other applications from retouching the nose, up to re-designing the expression of the look, tightening the mejllas or perfecting the face … 
Departing from these innovations, doctors Mar Mira and Sofia Ruiz of the Craggy hill have adopted a series of novel solutions anti-flaccidity and of corrrección - reposition of the structures of the face. Quite, without scalpel, with the botox as protagonist and always from the distinctive philosophy of the Clinical Sight - craggy hill that there take as priorities the personalización of the treatment and the naturalness of the results. 
Sk-II the prestigious mark of facial care of Japanese origin fulfills his first year of life in our country. The first one of his spaces of beauty was inaugurated at the end of 2006 and at present already fourteen are the Sk-II spaces in different centers of the English Cut of the whole Spain.

Throughout this year numerous persons have allowed to be seduced by the philosophy of this mark and for his ingredient it covers with stars "pitera" that generate real entusiamso in those who prove it. That's why, owing to his first anniversary Sk-II it has started a finished menu of treatments of 30 and 60 minutes based on a combination of ancestral Japanese skills as the "Kobido" or the "Shiatsu" in his exclusive spaces of beauty of El Corte Ingles.
January, 2008
The fashion of the “Crazy Years” reflects, on having gone out of the first world war, the appetite of a decade anxious for movement, speed and frenzy. The spirit of the time is the emancipation of the women and of his body. The life style is modern: plane, car, outdoor activity and devilish dances. Under the Charleston rhythm, these “Crazy Years” reveal at the same time that the calves and the knees, a fashion of short hair, a hat bell, low size and tubular form. Beyond the clichés, it is the arrival of a fashion liberated and easy to live.
December, 2007
It is a question of an exhibition that has stirred the big society up, at the time that to a numerous public, who wanted to see closely 35 exposed wedding dresses, belonging, between others, to the duchess of Dawn, duchess of White Carter; mayte Spínola, lady of Barreiros; Marita March... The sample, titled “Women of target”, includes the design of the XIXth, XXth and XXIst centuries and presents before itself in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid until next February 24, your Police stations: the assistant director of the said museum, Carmen Pérez of Andrés and the Conservative of the museum, Concha Herranz.
November, 2007
In London and until January 6, 2008 it is possible to visit of free form the Exhibition “The golden years of the High fashion”, centred on couturiers of Paris and London that his collections made between 1947 and 1957. There they bring in directly names like Dior, Givenchy, Dessès, Balenciaga or Balmain. The Museum Victory lodges it &Albert, at present the biggest museum of the world dedicated to the art and to the design.
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