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ELIO BERHANYER, 50 FASHIONABLE YEARS (Museum of the Suit. On December 4 - February 22)
For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
It is one of the alone figures of the fashionable design in Spain and his suits have taken them from the actress Ava Gardner or Maria Fernanda Thomas of Carranza, passing for Gem Piñana, the lady of Huarte, one of his most faithful clients or Charo Montarco, model and muse during a long period. But, on all of them, the Queen Mrs Sofía, who has transferred the treasures of his closets for this event. The Museum of the Suit preserves numerous pieces acquired or transferred by diverse donors. The women most emphasized from the Spanish society showed the suits of Elio Berhanyer of beautiful and architectural cut, much in the line "constructivista" of the French couturiers André Courreges and Pierre Cardin, all of them Balenciaga admirers.
Elio Berhanyer (Cordova, 1929) has an intense emotional biography, that of a man done to himself from the humblest origins. A creator full of imagination, firmness and will, which there was deserving this big retrospective exhibition of a hundred of suits in the Museum of the Suit in Madrid. The designer has collaborated closely in the museum
Clarins has created “Instant Gloss“, the first one that contains "sensitive" pigments Is completely transparent and color meets to the lips on the only tone. The trick resides in that these sensitive elements react with the cutaneous pH and receive a subtle pink tone. The ultrathin oils and lípidos vegetable extracted from the grenade they make the lips perfectly hydrated and smooth. The silky texture full of gentleness of this gloss wraps the lips with a veil impalpalble of long duration and of luminous transparence.
An innovative treatment anti-fall of Collistar that wants to be an effective answer against the loss of the hair with a few results científicamente proven. It is known of a shampoo reforzante that it cleans the hair making it soft and brilliant and makes it more vigorous and resistant. Another product is a lotion reforzante with a very advanced formula that acts for the whole capillary fibre, the scalp and the hair bulb. It acts quickly and with efficacy thanks to the high concentration of the Complex GPAG, of revolutionary effects, proved of the most advanced cosmetic biotechnology.

December, 2008
For the first time the happy and coloristic fashion of Custo Barcelona has come to Moscow. It has presented his collection spring - summer 2009 in World Trade Center inside Russian Fashion Week which there had already appeared other Spanish designers as Toni Francesc and Armand Basi. This edition is framed inside the project Fashion Cinema that pays tribute to the Hollywood of the 40s and 50s and to his most emblematic stars as Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart or Diana Durbin.
November, 2008
It has been not to stop. In the Lounge Look Internacional, he quotes important and meeting point for the professionals of the esthetics, there has been of everything: seriousness and rigor in the parallel Congress, and the whole fantasy contributed by the demonstrations “in living and live”, with competitions and workshops. And there ASMODA has been also, with a stand in the pavilion 4, like magazine online specializing in Fashion, Beauty and Culture.
October, 2008
The mythical Footbridge has released name-Cibeles Madrid, Fashion Week - has released a 14.000 square meters new space in which for five 52nd designers have showed his creations with 40 parades in two alternative footbridges that were representing the glamor and the avant-garde, and has released especially the early vision of the fashion of the future-primavera-verano 2009 - that will move in a universe of soft tones - pink, sky blue, beis makeup - skirts of wide flights, entire victory of the garment, asymmetries, light cloths and a frills bacchanal.
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